Honesty Is Liberating

I sincerely believed that I would find the time to blog daily, 30 days later I find myself regretting my first post.  I am such a perfectionist that I sometimes inundate myself with long lists of things to do, places to go and people to see.  My needs wants and desires are a faint thought or a fleeting vision of what I would like my day to be, instead I write business plans, complete new venture projects, research and read others blogs.  My insatiable appetite for knowledge and wisdom push me to my limit every day. “Study to show thyself approved” this is my mantra and everyday I’m learning more and more. But when is enough information enough? Is there ever an end to learning? I say not, Socrates says; and I paraphrase- Child like thinking is what causes us to question why? When we stop seeking the answers we stop learning and growing.  

I realized tonight that even though I had the longest week ever and the most challenging day today, I refused to end my day without sending this into the land of cyber.  My first blog promised and vowed I would write every day, well, I have but not in blog and not in social networking, it’s like I only have time for those things that seem of utmost importance, but tonight I realized nothing is more important than pursuing my true passion-writing.  

Although I write to earn a living, creating projects, assisting others in business development and leadership training initiatives, I still find a deep yearning for “writing for free” when I write from a place of serenity my words flow and seem to never end.  Thoughts, ideas, songs, poems, mantras, and affirmations swirl around in my head.

The words that come to me are audible, they filter from within my heart and are carefully composed they are meticulous, precise and emanate from within me with the intent to motivate, encourage and send support to anyone who seeks this kind of prose. I hope you have enjoyed my post, and I hope that with the changing of a new season from spring to summer; so shall my consistency in sending you positive thoughts of encouragement.  “Pursue your passion and the profit will come.” ™

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog…..Be well 🙂