So You Wana Be a Writer? Making Words Work

I have become fed up with not being a part of the blogging community and I need your help! I am an aspiring writer and I have reached my threshold for watching the world of blogging and social media and networking pass me by! Please help by commenting, suggesting and engaging me on this journey as I now realize that I also have something to say to the world and I trust that each day of my blog will invoke you to return and read it daily, it is my hope that you will share and repost if you like. I’m still learning all there is to know about social media and with my tenacious and inquisitive nature I am hoping I can write to connect with you, every day I hope I can become more and more transparent in my writing because I never thought my dream of becoming an accomplished writer would come to pass.

I always believed that my success would look something like a New York Times Best Sellers List, or any other prestigious award given for a body of writing work. However, now this is the part I really hope that you catch a hold of because it took me years to realize I was holding myself back by not connecting to the outside world of social media and networking, I had a severe case of what I call my “lack of openmindness.”

Since 2007 I have been writing professionally for various business owners in my community; business proposals, letters of reference or recommendation, researching and writing grants as well as consulting and executive coaching for both business and personal.  This required me to prepare and write content rich documents, agreements, and many other forms of business writing.

Today I had an epiphany; I am an accomplished writer. I now understand that being an accomplished writer doesn’t require fame and fortune because for me the benefit is the therapy of sharing my gift of “making words work” in a way that the accomplishment of freelance writing is the payoff.

I suppose being well known is the plight that some writers endeavor to achieve, but I love words so much that I have worked my entire 23 year career in business devoted to writing for others. Today I understand that my dream is self-actualized and realized; it’s just the aesthetics that are different than I dreamed them to be. Fame and fortune are a fleeting fantasy, but leaving a legacy of a body of written work is bigger than fame and fortune and that to me is the best payoff.  Supporting others and writing for them has allowed me to lead and guide them to accomplish their goals that’s the awards and accolades for me.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts, for truly this blog began with a thought. There is power in conveying your thoughts to others and it has taken me many years to realize my dream and even though it may not look the way you imagined, I encourage you to reflect on a dream that you have and see the level of progress that you have made. Let my blog inspire and empower you to live your dream no matter what! Never stop seeking for the best you that you can be. Practice working from the inside out and your dream and destiny will chase you, but sometimes we need to slow down long enough to let our inner man catch up to our natural man and allow them to converge. I started this blog as an experiment to see who if anyone would read it today and although I am excited to find out the results I know that even if no one reads this, I accomplished my goal of blogging.

Be Well