Determined to meet my Destiny

When I began my journey to becoming determined to meet my destiny, I didn’t know that what lied ahead was a journey that I could not or would not be able to face without a relationship with God. I thought that I had it all together; I loved God and reverenced Him in all His Glory, Dominion, Majesty, and Power, I had a “good job” and was working towards becoming the person my heart secretly desired to be. The dreams of becoming an accomplished writer lay dormant, the plans to own a healthy soul food cafe; yes I dreamed of introducing the oxymoron that soul food could be low fat and healthy if prepared and eaten properly. “Everything in moderation” that’s what I was taught.

Then the world as I knew it began to change, I lost my job of nearly four years, I lost my father who was the first man to show me how a woman should be treated, and I lost my oldest sister who was only 46 years young and although she was terribly addicted to heroin most of her life, she was still my best friend and a great mother to her children. My world was rocked and shaken like an earthquake; but my instincts led me to the Bible, I immersed myself into the entire book of Psalms, it comforted me, counseled me, and strengthened me for the next leg of my journey.  

Within 3 months I had to lay my father, sister, and my sister-in-law (my brothers’ wife) to rest. That began my journey into the darkness, and even though it was a dark place I was determined to find my destiny through this. I thought I had experience, I have been here before I told myself; in 1989 my oldest brother was shot and killed and I made it through that so I could make it through anything. I had purposed in my mind that I would not allow my brothers death to be in vain as to my own personal life, so my solution was to become disconnected from the “inner city black culture” and I eventually moved to the suburbs. Now, nearly twenty years have passed since I laid my loved ones to rest, I have lived a life riddled with unanswered questions, half-truths, biased perspectives, and eluded endeavors, but I am determined to reach my destiny. Its a daily walk, and I seek out the truth of Gods Word, the knowledge of connecting with the others on a global level, the wisdom to learn of those things that others are not courageous enough to research and study, the character to stand in the face of my obstacles, my valleys, my darkest hours of adversity and even in calamity and still have the determination to reach for my destiny.

I hope you too will find the strength to reach inside yourself and find the instinct to branch out into the deep places, into the recesses of your mind. The place your inner-child-self always dreamed of; a child never stops seeking the answers to their questions, so you must be inquisitive and irreverent in your search to meet your destiny. A child has an imagination to create and from nothing it becomes something special; use your instincts to create something from nothing. And finally my friend, I challenge you to do something this week that you have delayed, procrastinated, feared, dreaded, or just didn’t want to do but instinctively know its the right thing to do. I challenge you to branch out your comfort zone; I just did. 

Be well, grieve healthy, keep living and above all be determined to reach your destiny!

Yvette~ ❤

This post is dedicated to Bishop TDJakes; thanks for always inspiring us to stretch our faith!